Antique Stove Collectors Are Dead

Antique Stove Collectors Are Dead. What’s that about? There are persons that collect, restore and sell items that you and I never imagined. Stoves are 1 of those items BUT only if you don’t own a home! 

I am selling a home at 81 LaSalle Dr. Yonkers NY. The owner has an old chamber type of stove sitting in his basement, not connected. The appraiser comes in and reports the stove violates lending laws and must be removed before they can continue the lending process. Then they must come back and confirm it has been done adding at least 2-3 weeks in an already lengthy loan process and overall home selling timeframe. If the owner had 4-5 stoves in his basement, they would demand he remove them all. My snide response to the lender…’so I can collect sewing machines, beer steins, quilts and baseball cards…BUT not antique stoves’. 

This type of irrational overlay in the loan process is what frustrates buyers/sellers and makes the 1/4 of a year time to close on property silly and ripe disruption. 

If you want to sell your home, include me as 1 of interview choices. Allow me to show how my 5-Hands Home Selling Service is set up to minimize and remove the 88 Types of Turbulence you can experience.  



Charles Cinquemani

Charles Cinquemani